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Participants attending a SACCO forum at the UCSCU training center in Maganjo UCSCU head office on 02nd Oct 2015
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UCSCU staff and Tracksol team after a meeting at UCSCU head quarters, Maganjo
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MR ALEXANDER MARINI stresing a point during IFAD MISSION TEAM meeting with UCSCU Board and Staff at UCSCU HEAD QUARTERS IN MAGANJO ON 12TH-10-2015
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Women SACCO Members celebrating Coorporatives day


Welcome to UCSCU

From the outset, Uganda Cooperative Savings and Credit Union; as the umbrella body of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) has unwaveringly encouraged the formation and development of Safe and Sound SACCOs to ensure that financial services reach the population across the country as a way of encouraging savings mobilization and use of these savings deposits as a source of investment capital to rural enterprises in form of loans.

We have been using every opportunity afforded to honour our legacy by expanding our services and products. We are developing programs...

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Background information

Uganda Cooperative Savings and Credit Union Limited (UCSCU) is a national apex organisation for Savings and credit Cooperative Societies (SACCO) in Uganda. UCSCU was established in 1972, and it is registered under the Uganda Cooperative.

UCSCU is formed, financed, owned and controlled by Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs). The SACCOs elect a Board of directors, which formulates policies. The Board of UCSCU then hires management for the day-to-day operations. The AGM also elects a Supervisory Committee which works as the internal audit ...

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Announcement for the Annual General Meeting (AGM): Friday 16th October 2015

Notice is hereby served to the entire SACCO Industry, Members of UCSCU, and the general public, that the SACCO CONFERENCE and the AGM of UCSCU will be held on Thursday 15th October 2015 and Friday 16th October 2015 respectively at Mandela National Stadium Nambole, starting at 8:00am.

The SACCO CONFERENCE will be attended by all SACCOs at a fee of 50,000 UGX per person and for the AGM, Only fully paid up UCSCU member SACCOs are invited to send 1 DELEGATE who MUST be a member of the Executive Committee, dully nominated.

Eligibility for the AGM: To participant as a delegate, the SACCO should be a member of UCSCU having paid shares and Annual Subscription for 2013/14 and 2014/15.
RSVP: 0772660205, 070485575 and 0702871805